Local officials blast Tenney criticism of eminent domain in hospital project

April 19th 2018 7:52PM
In the event that property owners refuse to sell their sites that are in the new hospital's footprint, two agencies will acquire the parcels through the use of eminent domain, published reports have said. Eminent domain if necessary would be used by Oneida County and Utica's Urban Renewal Agency.

Coinweb ICO (XCO Token): Multichain Crypto Token Wallet Address?

April 19th 2018 6:56PM
Every Coinweb user gets a wallet with the name of their choice – just like a domain name. Other core ... Fraud: Companies might release their token address during a token sale. A scammer can ... With C-TLD, for example, you can register a domain name ended in .xco – like Cryptoland.xco. With C-DNS ...

As Midsize Sales Slide, Hyundai Throws the 2018 Sonata Hybrid Into the Price Chopper

April 19th 2018 6:00PM
Really, what else could Hyundai do? Hybrids aren't the sole domain of traditional sedans anymore, let alone cars in general, and with green competition on the rise, something needed to be done to sweeten the pot. The 2018 Sonata Hybrid, arriving roughly a half year after the mid-2017 debut of the ...